Fort Campbell Labor Facts

We recognize that Fort Campbell’s importance to the Nation’s defense has proven itself time and again over the past six decades. From the Band of Brothers in World War II to the Asian terrains of Korea and Vietnam to the overseas contingency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to the recent effort to fight the Ebola outbreak in Africa, Fort Campbell’s deployable units have served admirably and with honor as they have succeeded time and again.

Of course, these units have done so while enjoying unparalleled support from the communities “outside of the gate.” Our region takes great pride in our ability to support the Army, Fort Campbell, soldiers, veterans, retirees, and their families.


This pride is evident in our Clarksville-Montgomery County Warrior Week, AUSA Chapter, Christian County Salutes Fort Campbell Week, welcome home flights, and various efforts to enrich the lives of soldiers and their families. As a result, we know that soldiers who are stationed at Fort Campbell want to stay at Fort Campbell. And for this, we are thankful. We also recognize that because they are happy here they are much more effective in their mission and much more likely to succeed as they execute the orders of our military leaders.


soldiers sliding down rope from hovering helicopter onto grass field


Fort Campbell has unique and unmatched deployment capabilities and readiness. Fort Campbell’s location in a region of the country that provides easy and exceptional access to interstate, rail, river, and air travel allows Fort Campbell to serve as a Premier Power Projector Platform. Soldiers and their families are happy at Fort Campbell which makes them more likely to succeed at the mission at hand. 65% of soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell want to remain at Fort Campbell and over 70% of retiring soldiers remain in the region.


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