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South Western Kentucky is a great place to call home. Even with rapid growth, the area remains true to its rural roots. The people are close to the land (agricultural history dates back to the 1700’s). Our residents like this place, and they stay for generations. Workers aren’t transient like they might be in large, urban areas.


lighted building at night with american flag in front


The weather is mild. The climate is moderate with an average annual temperature of 69 degrees and just 10 inches of snowfall. With no major storms, the highways, rails and airports remain open for business. That’s good for local industries. Your company can count on employees getting to work and parts or products being delivered on time.


With a long, rich history, South Western Kentucky gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy life. There’s a fine arts academy and an art guild. Children can participate in youth ballet and theater. There’s a community band that performs free concerts during the summer. There are numerous free parks for sports, picnics and family gatherings.

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