DDS Glass Doors in Elkton, Kentucky announces the partnership with the Italian based company, Cisaplast Corporation



A partnership between an Elkton Company and an Italian manufacturer will take both companies to the next level.

DDS Glass Doors in Elkton announced the partnership with the Italian based Cisaplast Corporation during a midday event in Elkton. Shane Belcher with DDS read a statement from owner Steve Williams that noted the accomplishments of the company since last year.

The partnership will allow the company to provide glass door products to a number of companies in the United States and Canada. Belcher adds he and Davide Veneli of Cisaplast have already visited a number of companies.

Belcher says doors from the company could wind up in a number of popular convenience stores and grocery chains in the United States.
Belcher and Veneli were joined by Todd County Judge Executive Todd Mansfield, Elkton Mayor Arthur Green and Southwest Kentucky EDC Director Mark Lindsey for the ribbon cutting to celebrate the announcement.

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